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Plant & equipment

PROXA provides a range of pre-engineered standalone equipment as well as modular water treatment package plants that range in size from 5m3 per day to 10 MLD. The benefits of these units are plentiful, including: a smaller footprint, quick delivery, cost efficiency and good reliability. In short, they can provide efficient “plug and play” potable water, wastewater or water reuse solutions.
The unit’s modular nature also means that future or phased expansion, such as additional treatment steps or increased capacity, can be easily implemented.

The pre-assembled units include processes such as clarification, sand filtration, dissolved air flotation, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, softening, disc filtration, ultrafiltration, activated sludge, carbon filtration, electro deionisation and oil removal – depending on the site-specific requirements.

Modular plants are ideal for all mining, industrial and municipal sectors and provide the following benefits:

  • Pre-engineered
  • Compact, cost effective design
  • Minimal site installation
  • Ideal for small industries, remote locations, contractors camps and villages
  • Robust design
  • Easily operated and maintained
  • Rapid deployment
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Good flexibility.

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