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Our capabilities

Our solutions are optimal, reliable and efficiently implemented, while our in-house expertise, extensive research and access to leading global technologies enable us to deliver objective solutions tailored to address our client’s unique set of needs.

Engineering & Consulting

We provide options to modernise existing water and wastewater treatment plants or design and construct new ones – incorporating the latest standards, technologies, regulations and sustainability practices.

Research & Development

We are able to harness the latest in technological advances to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Feasibility & Pilot Plant Trials

We are equipped to undertake both bench scale and skid-mounted pilot plant trials that are capable of testing a diverse range of unit operations, on- or off-site to enhance confidence in process selection and performance.

Design & Construct

We have the capability to construct projects and deliver a fully functioning facility. Our project management team guarantees quality, meets schedules and minimises on-site risk.

Pre-engineered Systems

PROXA provides a range of pre-engineered standalone equipment as well as modular water treatment package plants that range in size from 5m3 per day to 10 MLD. The benefits of these units are plentiful.

AquaMobile – Mobile Solutions

PROXA’s AquaMobile© fleet provides rapid deployment water treatment services for emergency, intermediate or long-term use to the municipal, industrial and mining industries. The technology incorporates unique close-coupled design on a range of mobile skid and trailer-mounted units, with the aim of minimising footprint and maximising production capacity.

Financing Options

PROXA can assist clients’ teams to fund their capital expenditure programmes to optimise their funding structures: Assessment of financial viability of project Financial modelling

Operations & Maintenance

Regardless of whether the water and wastewater treatment plant is designed and constructed by us, or another party, we operate and maintain them according to the following objectives: Meet required KPI’s with respect to quality, availability and throughput. Optimise production costs.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Q-Trac is a web-enabled remote monitoring and control system that performs direct and continuous process diagnostics and performance tracking of all critical water systems. It uses proprietary algorithms and dynamic process simulation techniques to do this.

After Sales Support

PROXA has a comprehensive range of top quality consumables, chemicals and parts, backed by proven technical expertise and advice.

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