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Operations & maintenance

Given the critical nature of water and wastewater treatment plants, they require high uptime and very specific performance. PROXA currently operates more than 350 water treatment systems across South Africa, Europe, Australia and the Middle East through our proven management operation and maintenance contract frameworks.

Regardless of whether the water and wastewater treatment plant is designed and constructed by us, or another party, we operate and maintain them according to the following objectives:

  • Meet required KPI’s with respect to quality, availability and throughput.
  • Optimise production costs.
  • Ensure compliance with the health, safety, environment and quality regulations.

PROXA combined experience and plant operations and maintenance services into a single support package. This offering is designed to optimise our client’s water treatment plants and equipment to make sure they operate efficiently and in a sustainable way.

Service level agreements are tailored to the requirements of each site and may range from a monthly performance review to the establishment of permanent on-site water expertise. In all cases, the objective is to provide more continuous on-line time, improved performance and reduced overall cost of ownership.


  • Access to an extensive network of operations and maintenance experts across the country.
  • Cost effective funding of new infrastructure and renewal of existing assets.
  • Ongoing water and effluent quality monitoring via our accredited laboratories.
  • Skills development.
  • Continuous improvement and optimisation of life cycle cost.
  • Remote monitoring of plant.
  • Remote control of plant and equipment.
PROXA has also developed a web-enabled remote monitoring and control system that performs direct and continuous process diagnostics and performance tracking of all critical water systems. Using proprietary algorithms and dynamic process simulation techniques, Q-TRAK© can accurately analyse individual unit operations, process streams and entire plants according to a specific set of needs.
The system is targeting at providing rapid technical support and preventative recommendations to plant operators and process managers by providing them with the exact information they need about their processes, exactly when they need it.

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