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Rapid deployment of TSF treatment to remote gold mine

Remote mining locations demand special attention to the design, execution, operations and maintenance for treatment and safe discharge of excess contaminated waters. Being remote often translates to more than being inaccessible, but includes challenges related to availability of materials, transport and logistics interruptions and limitations of available skills.

PROXA was recently contracted by a Gold Mine in Africa to increase their TSF treatment capacity from 3,5MLD to a 40MLD fully commissioned plant in less 12 months. Add challenges of Covid-19, double average rainfall and shortages of materials to the mix and you have what many would call an impossible task. The experienced PROXA project team rose to the challenge with their innovative and dynamic approach to daily challenges to ensure that the project was delivered on time, in specification and met the client’s requirements. This required a global effort between the PROXA teams from South Africa, Tanzania, UAE and Europe, who successfully executed the project and handed over to the PROXA operations and technical support teams. The plant has been operating successfully since December 2020, producing potable water for the local camp and community with safe discharge, meeting the stringent legislative requirements and significantly reducing the levels of excess waters on site.

The benefits of this combined effort being, continuity of mining, protection of the environment and local community, and the production of safe drinking water. The use of local contractors and employment of local nationals who have been trained in the operations and maintenance of the plant has added to the upliftment of the local community providing a sustainable solution.

At PROXA we are always striving to create the best solutions for our clients. Let’s work together to solve your waste water, water recycling or water management needs.

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