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COOL Separations, an affiliate of PROXA Water, has granted the rights to license Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC) Technology to Comprimo, Worley’s sulphur technology business.

EFC produces clean water from industrial wastewater and can be reused on site. It reduces refiners’ costs and environmental footprint by providing low-temperature crystallization-based solutions for the separation of water and salts or heat-sensitive materials. Compared to alternative separations technologies, this provides customers with a more energy-efficient path.

When combining an EFC unit with Comprimo’s desulphurization technologies, this process eliminates gaseous and liquid sulphur emissions from the scrubber effluent and provides clean, reusable water. In addition to treating this highly contaminated effluent to recover water, the process also produces sellable salt, which can be used as a raw material for fertilizer industries.

“Our partnership with COOL Separations means we can assist our customers to not only meet their emissions targets and reduce their capital and operational costs, but also to encourage the reuse of water in industrial processes. This brings us one step closer to delivering a more sustainable world,” said Frank Scheel, Senior Vice President, Comprimo.

We are pleased that EFC technology from COOL Separations combined with Comprimo’s sulphur recovery processes can offer refiners even more from a water recovery and emissions perspective. This collaboration also endorses the viability of the EFC process under the rigorous environment of oil refiners,” said Rob van der Meij, Chief Executive Officer, COOL Separations.

Process Diagram

brings the Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC), Freeze Concentration (FC) and Cooling Crystallization (CC) processes to the market as ENERGY EFFICIENT methods to concentrate aqueous process streams and produce clean water (ice) and pure salt.

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