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The Importance of a Robust Environmental Management Plant

The V&A Desalination Project, which is a component of the much larger East Pier Precinct Project, is currently in the procurement phase for PROXA. The new Heliport Building, the Ineos showroom with 4 × 4 track, the desalination facility, and the intake pump station are all under construction as part of the civil works. The V&A will get 3.3MLD of drinkable water from this Blue Drop-compliant facility, which is scheduled to be operational in 2024.

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP), created in close cooperation with PROXA, WSP, and the external environmental consultant, is a crucial component of the building of the V&A Waterfront Desalination Project. An EMP is a written document that outlines mitigation strategies and management guidelines for locations in order to minimise any negative effects on the environment and receptors in a long-term, financially viable manner. This well-developed strategy will contribute to the long-term preservation of our stunning nation and coastline through proper monitoring and record keeping of execution.

The supervising authority, has issued the City of Cape Town with an Order that specifies the parameters for the construction of the V&A Waterfront Desalination Plant in Cape Town. The Order along with direction from the relevant governing bodies must be followed in all elements of the project involving the desalination plant and related infrastructure.

Under the guidance of the External Environmental Consultant, the PROXA Engineering team and National SHEQ Manager recently completed and submitted numerous Method Statements as needed by NEMA. These method statements’ objectives included:

The following are a few noteworthy method statements:

  1. Intake screen installation on the ocean floor and related equipment
  2. Dust Management
  3. Fire Control & Hazardous Materials Management
  4. Traffic Management
  5. Environmental Awareness Training

The trusted PROXA Mechanical, Electrical and Marine subcontractors provided specialised input; we value these long-standing relationships and look forward to the successful implementation of the planned methodologies.

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