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AquaMobile Media Release

At PROXA we understand that water is far more than something to quench your thirst, or wash your hands. It’s an essential component in the success of your business, and you need it to be readily available at the quality suitable for your process needs.

In response to increasing demand, we have recently expanded our global fleet of mobile water treatment services to you wherever and whenever you require them. Ranging in size from 20-100m3/hr and suitable for a range of applications in the municipal, industrial and mining industries.

Our on-the-move, world class technology and solutions mean that whether you need water treatment in an emergency or to meet long-term requirements, you can count on us to be there! And with an expanded fleet of mobile units, reaching across 4 continents, nowhere is too remote for PROXA.

Our AquaMobile water treatment platform comprises of innovative close-coupled water treatment systems, designed for rapid deployment. The result is a mobile solution that delivers maximum production capacity with minimum footprint in the shortest possible time

Some of the technologies available via the AquaMobile units include:

  • Media filtration
  • Ultra-filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Electro-deionisation
  • Ion exchange

Our AquaMobile solution can be tailored to suit your precise requirements. This means that there is very little in the water treatment field that you can’t get done with one of our innovative mobile systems.

AquaMobile units are available on a full rental basis, and include everything that you need to get the job done – including full operations, maintenance and on-going technical support.

The AquaMobile units can be used for a range of applications including:

  • Temporary water supply
  • Mine water desalination
  • Boiler feed water
  • Side stream cooling tower filtration
  • Reduction of effluent dam or TSF levels
  • Maintenance shut down supplies
  • Power plant commissioning
  • Seasonal capacity increase
  • Emergency potable water supply

Inside of an Aqua Mobile Container

Container being moved into position

Container being loaded onto truck

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